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To see how we can provide help to you or your loved ones, please book a free consultation meeting with one of our dedicated staff.

These are the areas of enhancement offered to seniors:

Life Skills:

  • Feeding

  • Grooming (taking care of nails and hair, applying makeup, and maintaining proper oral care)

  • Dressing tasks

  • Educating clients in safety within the home environment

  • Light cooking

  • Managing home tasks

Promotion of an Active Lifestyle:

  • Encouraging clients to get up and be active

  • Taking clients on walks 

  • Gentle exercises

  • Engaging clients in activities to encourage movement

Mental Alertness:

  • Playing cards and using activities to help increase attention, concentration, problem solving, alertness, sequencing, and memory

  • Engaging in games to stimulate thought processes and provide interaction with others

  • Helping clients adjust to their current living environment


  • Education with emphasis on fall prevention

  • Education including ways to simplify tasks and conserve energy


  • Assisting with letter writing

  • Reading books, magazines, etc. 

  • Reminiscing about the past

  • Listening and engaging client in meaningful conversation

  • Improving self esteem through crafts and hobbies


  • Eliminating clutter to reduce tripping hazard

  • Sorting and filing mail

  • Managing trash and throwing away junk mail

  • Writing appointments on calendar

  • Organizing closets and drawers

Group Activities for Independent and Assisted Living Facilities:

  • Coffee and Conversation with emphasis on socialization 

  • Relaxation Journey’s, which would include sensory stimulation to enhance calmness and reduce stress

  • Exercise Group with activities to help maintain an active lifestyle

  • Educational Group focusing on physical and emotional well being

  • Reminiscing Group focusing on long term memory, expressive and receptive communication, and self esteem

Joy Care, Inc. only hires qualified individuals who have experience caring for and working with the geriatric population. Our primary goals are to enhance the quality of life of each client and to bring joy to his or her life.

We are not a therapy provider and do not bill through Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance.  

Our services do not require a physician’s order.

We are not a “sitter service” because our staff will actively engage our clients in activities in order to improve their quality of life.

Joy Care, Inc. is licensed and bonded.

References furnished upon request.


Emergency Protocol

Joy Care, Inc. will respond to a medical emergency in an efficient and expedited manner. Our staff will call emergency services (911) and will wait with our client until medical professionals arrive to administer emergency services. We will also notify the client’s designated family member(s) of any medical emergency.  We will not administer emergency services.

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