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Lifestyle Enhancement for Seniors

We offer client centered and compassionate care striving to maintain or increase the quality of life of those we serve.

JoyCare, Inc. is unique because we offer the benefits of skilled individuals who provide attention and services that maximize the independence and safety of our clients.  Every session is individualized to help each client meet his or her personal goals. JoyCare, Inc. strives to keep clients as active and mentally alert as possible.  While we are not a therapy service, we are much more than a traditional sitter service. JoyCare, Inc. can help maintain the emotional well-being of our clients and help improve quality of life.  Attention is given to the following areas:  life skills, promotion of an active lifestyle, mental alertness, companionship, organization, and education.

Jennifer Joy Bird

Executive Director

Better Care for your loved one Starts with You!

The areas of enhancement

offered to seniors:

• Life Skills

• Promotion of an Active Lifestyle

• Mental Alertness

• Education

• Companionship

• Organization

• Group Activities for Independent and

Assisted Living Facilities

Our team is comprised of compassionate
and caring professionals all with experience
working with the geriatric population.

"JoyCARE, Inc. can do for a loved one
the very things a family member would do for them
if not for the constraints of time, schedules, work,
and the demands of life ."

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